Brittany Ross in Thailand 
February 12, 2003

hello SRHS!!

Yesterday the family arrived in Thailand around, am your time!! its been pretty easy adjusting to the time changes, mainly because we had quite a few flights to get here! We started of in Charlottetown then flew to Toronto, then from there to Vancouver (a stop we weren't suppose to have!) Then we went to Hong Kong, we didn't get to leave the airport though. As for food while we were there, Chips and chocolate bars! Our only other alternative was the squid and fish balls....or the bloody, skinned chickens who still had their heads!! We were all a little grossed out by that one.

The people here have been incredibly friendly! Some a little too friendly, Lindsey has gotten several marriage proposals so far! I was lucky enough to have stayed home that night. Lindsey and I walked to the beach today. We discovered most Thai people know one English word, "hello" kids ran along beside us and screamed it....some adults did too! When we got to the beach we went swimming, the water was warmer than anything I've ever been in at basin head! A group of girls about our age came up and asked us for our pictures! 

The food here is also amazing! Lindsey and I went to this little side restaurant, when we left I said "hey, that place had no doors!!" then Lindsey pointed out it would have needed walls for that. I ordered beef curry, and I was really surprised when they brought out peas and cucumbers, then two huge plates of rice, and then my dish of beef curry...which my mouth still hasn't recovered from!! It was really tasty though!! 

I figured I would explain about my horrible punctuation...this computer is messed up VERY badly and there are some things that don't work on it, all that shows up is .

I should be going now though....its 2 am my time!! (Lindsey and I went to sleep after the beach! That was around 3 pm my time!)

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