Brittany Ross in Thailand 
February 14, 2003

hey SRHS!

It's Valentines Day here! I spent most of the day in bed. (pretty bad because i go to sleep around 4pm my time!) I seem to be the only one here catching anything. First i caught some bacteria from the beach, and my arms broke out into huge bumpy rashes. When i went to the Pharmacy here i showed the woman my arm and she immediately knew i was swimming at the beach! Today i just have the cold. I've attempted to go out, but you have to smile at EVERYONE! And when you're just about to sneeze every 5 seconds it's pretty hard!

So far i haven't made any friends!! There are people who i see around a lot and we always say hi. Actually, there are these kids next door at the school who play outside on the roof in the mornings. We play music and they dance! This morning We gave them little Canadian flag pins, and they gave us these little ceramics they make. It's pretty fun!

I havent been able to stay up past 6 yet, but since i slept all day tonight dad is taking lindsey and i out to a disco club. (not the ones with the "bar girls"). The ants here drive me crazy! i wish i knew where the lizards are who are suppose to be in the houses...because the ants are everywhere. My sisters havent grasped the concept that leaving food our means ants!! I'm not sure who I'd rather kill at this point!!!

That's all for tonight!!



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