Brittany Ross in Thailand 
February 18, 2003

Hello again SRHS!

I sent pictures to Leanne MacDonald to send to you.  The ones of me at the beach probably shouldn't go up! haha. 

I went to Monkey  Hill yesterday!  It was insane!  The monkeys come right up to you and take the peanuts out of your hand.  A few of them tried to rip the whole bag of peanuts from my hand!  It was kind of scary when I threw a peanut at one monkey and another one lunged at it and started biting the poor little guy.  I threw a peanut at the other monkey's head!  That got him off!!  Some of the monkeys stood beside us and would kind of lean resting their hands on our legs.  A few monkeys attacked Heather and Amelia. They were so scared but I couldn't help but laugh!!  But I shouldn't have laughed so soon, because the monkeys hang out on the telephone wires, and I was standing under one ... and one started PEEING!  I ran out of the way before any got on me.  Everyone was laughing pretty hard. There was a family there who was watching the monkeys on their motor bike (main form of transportation here!) and dad threw peanuts in the front basket ... so they had a monkey jumping in their motor bike!  

Lindsey and I met a guy ND, he's from London.  He said that we should get out to the Islands. I'm going to try and send you the story of the islands! In one of the pictures the islands are behind us, and in another the Cat and Rat are!  That's all I have for today!!  

Oh expect I am now living off of stir fry and Fanta! Mr. MacClure, you're old enough ... hehe, you probably remember when they had fanta in canada! I also live off betagen, a yogurt milk.  Very yummy!!!  

love brittany!



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