Brittany Ross in Thailand 
February 19, 2003

hey SRHS and other readers!

Today I woke up around 9 and we went to the zoo. We stayed there for HOURS!  It was so hot and the main smell at the zoo was urine! It was pretty gross.  We got to see a lot of animals though!  My favorite animal at the zoo was the leopard! We got to see a baby one.  And it was out of the cage!!!  I even got to hold it by its leash.  Then it pounced me!!  She was only small though. So it was more like a big hug!  I picked up a little hand book thing sort of like "the buzz" about Sonkglah. I'm going to send it home to the school.  The story of the Islands is in it! It also has helpful words and phrases in Thai.  It's a bit bigger than the buzz.  It has 52 pages! 

I think thats all i have for today!!  

love brittany.


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