Brittany Ross in Thailand 
February 23, 2003

Hello SRHS!

I haven't been up to much lately! Doing a lot of sleeping. I go to the Disco on Friday and Saturday nights with Lindsey and the girls from here! Dad comes too every now and then! That's kind of a relief for us too. As horrible as it sounds! Last night i told someone him and i were married to get them off my back! haha. I actually wear a ring and keep some pictures of my ex boyfriends in my purse for when they don't belive me! hahaha.

I thought i'd tell you guys about the TOILETS here. They have like female urinals. You step up on the sides and squat. haha. The first time i went out i walked into a bathroom and i was like "what the he** is that?!?!" All the Thai girls laughed at me.  Then they explained how to use them. hahaha. It's horrible, They have sprays instead of toilet paper! Hence me taking a roll of toilet paper in my purse at all times!!  Dad was telling me about people offshore on the oil rigs, they stand on the NORMAL toilets, and they kept on breaking the seats!! They had to bolt the seats on. We're lucky enough to have normal seats in our  house!! hahahaha. Two of them even :) 

Lindsey and I count white people here. Yesterday we got to 22!! It was pretty funny. We told the 20th guy he was our 20th. He thought it was pretty funny too!! We dont count ourselves either!

Anyways, that's all i have for today!!

love brittany!!!


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