Brittany Ross in Thailand 
February 26, 2003


How is everyone??  I'm really bored.  We have two maids that come in our apartment and clean out rooms, made out beds, mop our floors and do our dishes ... they're really nice.  Anyway, Thats not the point.  Lindsey, Heather, Amelia, and i were quite bored today when they came, so i took out a peice of fake crap and left it on the floor.  One of them swept around it ... then I went in another room, came out and screamed "what is that??"  They kinda looked at it like "I'm not touching that!"  Then I picked it up. haha.  It was a good laugh for the rest of us!!  

I'll be out of my little apartment in about 2 weeks!!  We're moving into this nice little house.  Well it's not that little.  5 bedroom, maids' quarters, nice balcony, and a really nice yard.  I'll finally have an address that i can tell people.  And two phone lines.  I'm looking forward to that!!

We met this whole group of white women at yoga class .  (It's nothing like the yoga in Souris!! Mr.MacClure and anyone else in my gym class last semester might remember how badly i sucked!) It feels soooo nice to have people who speak English as a first language!!  I guess we are all going to be living in the same neighbourhood soon!  We're  going to live on Soy 10, and most of them live on Soy 3. Nice little neighbourhood.  

The yoga girls also do Pilates.  I did that body hates me for it!!  We all went out for coffee afterwards.  I got a cappuchino that tasted nothing like a cappuchino.  It tasted like crap.  I put half a bottle of sugar in it.  hehe. Didn't taste so bad after that!!!   

On Wednesdays and Mondays now we play volley ball at Samilla beach!!  We saw this guy at volleyball who was at the resturant, Abritus, that we ate at a few days ago.  We call it the "white house" because it's where all of us "ferang" eat! Now we have a ferang volleyball team!!  It's really fun.  All of the locals come and watch us because it's like a white people overload!!!  There is this Thai guy who plays with us and he's amazing.  He works for a Canadian Helicopter service.   

My new favorite person is My yoga instructor's husband, Lyle.  He looks like the Jolly green giant or something.  He's one of those people you feel instantly comfortable with!  In volleyball we were on the same team and we both were going for the ball, then we stopped.  So i attacked him, and he attacked me right back. haha.  I didn't think the old guy would have it in him!! Threw me back in my place!!!  

Anyway, I think that's all i have.  I'm going to the white house in about 5 minutes!   

love brittany


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