Brittany Ross in Thailand 
June 5, 2003

hey SRHS!

I went on one last vacation before i come back to pei!  I went to a little place out side of Krabi called Ao Nang.  We stayed in a nice hotel with air conditioning, tv, a pool, and HOT showers.  (In our house we don't have heated water!  Actually in most houses they don't)  So it was pretty nice!!  

On the first day we got there we didn't really do much, just went out to eat and did a little bit of shopping!  I got an amazing new shirt that i never wanted to take off.  But it's long sleeved and it's very hot out, so that didn't last long.    

The second day we were there we got up early and went on an elephant trek.  A driver picked us up and took us to the place with the elephants.  We doubled up on the elephant's back, and had a guide sort of person sitting up front on the elephant's neck.  We went around on the elephants through the woods, and stopped every 5 seconds because one of them had a baby with it, and it rolled around all the time!  Lindsey and i were usually up front in the trek so we were never down wind when the elephants crapped!!  Later on when the elephants took a bath we were going to go in the water too, but we saw the "floaties"  and decided against it.  Swimming in elephant feces just wasn't our cup of tea.  we swam in the water waaaay down the lake though.  The stuff that pours into where the elephants swim.  We got to see rubber trees too.  There were TONNES of them.  I never knew rubber actually came from trees until that trip.  We even took some home :)   

The third day was more shopping and then mom, lindsey and i went for a herbal massage.  I freaked out a little at first because they told me to go in the room and take off all my clothes but not my underwear ... however i still didn't want her to see my butt so i wanted to go to the hotel and get those big ugly granny panties.  Then i found out you get to wear a towel so i was happy.  The massage was pretty nice, but my back hurt a lot the next day ... which leads us to ... 

Day four.  We were picked up at the hotel at 8:30 and taken to a kayaking place with another guy, Paul.  He looked a lot like Bryan Flynn so we all found him amusing.  When we arrived we met out tour guide and got ready, then took off down the river.  We toured a cave that 10 skeletons were found in.  It's called something like the big head ghost cave.  It was pretty funny.  They call it that because with the skeletons that were found one of them had an abnormally large head.  They think that the people that lived in there were cavemen because they had very large frames compared to Thai people.  There were some interesting paintings and stalagmites in the cave.    Next we went into an island inside of a cave.  It was nice and quiet and we just floated around there for a while.  Then we kayaked back around the starting point and farther down the river.  Everyone except dad and I.  I had a sore back and dad got a really bad sunburn the day before so he didn't feel so well either.  

We went back to the restaurant place we started out at, and I found a Som Tam, which is like a truck taxi, where everyone sits on seats in the back, a lot like a tuk tuk ... Anyways, after finding that, i went to sleep until everyone else arrived back and then we ate.  Afterwards we were taken to a swimming hole with a huge rope that you swung into the water with!  It was reaaaallllly fun.  Then we were taken to see crocodiles and stuff.  It just made us depressed because they were in disgusting cages and didn't have clean water or anything.  People who want to run zoos should have to sign a contract where they are part of a zoo exhibit for 3 months before they can have a zoo of their own ... Then they would understand having NICE living conditions for other animals.  After that we went home, and i went to sleep!!  

And today we came back to Songklah.  It was nice to come home, until we started getting into math and homework and dealing with our dog!  I think we're just about ready for another vacation!     

This is possibly my last e-mail from Thailand, i'll be back in Souris for prom!! 

See you all soon!!   I'll try to send pictures tomorrow!!

love brittany



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