Brittany Ross in Thailand 
June 8, 2003

I hear there is some concern about me coming home for prom and SARS.  

Thailand has been declared SARS free by the WHO, and they are more concerned about Canadian travels.  I'm not in an infected area, and will not be travelling through any infected areas.  I'm flying from Bangkok to London, London to Halifax, and then Halifax to PEI.  There won't be any time that I fly through any other countries.  All flights are direct and do not go through Toronto or Hong Kong.  No one has to worry about me bringing home SARS back to PEI.  

Just thought that the information should be posted on the school website because apparently some parents are expressing some concern.  My biggest concern is catching it from their kids .  Just kidding.  PEI is SARS-free i hope??   

anyways, i've gotta run! 



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