Brittany Ross in Thailand 
March 3, 2003

Hey srhs, and those of you from other schools...and my family who read this!! 

I haven't written in a pretty long time.  Not because i've been busy or anything, just the lack of me doing anything worth reading about!  Not as though this e-mail will be much filled with anything interesting. I've gotten some e-mails from kids from other schools i know who found the site on here.  They e-mailed and asked some questions, so i figure if anyone wants to e-mail me my address is   I have msn here too.  For any of the kids at rollo bay wanting heather and amelia's addresses you can e-mail me for them because i'd rather not post them on the internet.  Safety reasons.  

Speaking of safety,  I babysat kids here for the first time.  When we were outside the bugs started up and i freaked out.  I thought of all the diseases those bugs carry!!  We all reeked of bug spray by the time i was finished.  Then Charlotte fell off her bike and skinned her knee.  I once again freaked.  Dad has me believeing that touching the ground here will give you worms.  I wear my sandals around until i have to go to bed.  The scratch was so small, but we cleaned it out and bandaged it up so that nothing would get in it.  The kids thought i was a VERY big over reactor.  Better safe than sorry.    

Tonight was volleyball night!  These nights are starting to become my favorites!!  Even better than dancing nights.  Probably because i can't dance, but then again, i can hardly play volleyball either!  

Friday night was my friend Aum's birthday.  We went out had cake and went to a few clubs.  It was pretty fun!!  I met her boyfriend too, who is a ferang like me!  He was really nice.  Usually when we go out the girls keep the thai guys away from lindsey and i, but at this place we were at it was mainly ferangs eyeing them up.  I got to say something for once!  We left after all those creeps showed up and went to another place.  It was pretty fun but Linds and i came home early.    

I thought i'd mention how much i love roasting marshmallows in the summer.  And it is practically summer here.  (32 every day!)  They do not have marshmallows in all of Thailand.  Kelly has people in her company who do shipments of things they want from Canada.  She said she would mention marshmallows for me!!  I don't understand how people could live without rice krispie squares either! This is the last thing i have to say.  They have lots of mangy cats here, but i haven't seen any siamese cats.  I thought that there should be a lot since this use to be "Siam".  

And one more thing.  My friend Gee's father has 5 wives.  You can only imagine how many kids are in that family!!   

love, brittany


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