Brittany Ross in Thailand 
March 5, 2003

Hey srhs,

I have a new found love, Volleyball.  However, there is this woman who plays with us, Kathy, and she drives me crazy. I like it best when she isn't on my team for two reasons, one because she sucks, and the other because i can hit the ball at her when she's on the other team. I know that sounds awful on its own so i won't tell you about dressing up like her and putting on my best fake Australian accent and imitating her. :) 

Tomorrow i'm moving into my new house!!  I'm really excited because then i will have a permanent mailing address and I can get some letters!!  Even though my friends have been really good to keep me updated in the going on's of souris life! I heard about the big pedofile moving into a house up east.  That's not too far from where my grandmother lives!  My dad was wondering if the guy did anything to our dog.  We had a pretty good laugh over that.  I'm glad he was caught.  I watch a lot of America's Most Wanted over here myself.  Although i'm informed it was Unsolved Mysteries the guy appeared on.    

I have found a new love for celtic music.  The other night when i had dinner at my yoga instructor's they played Great Big Sea.  That got me thinking and when i got home the first thing i popped in was my Timmy cd. Then i found my Kindle cd too.  I'm quite happy!!  Next time i go over i'll be taking my cd's so she can hear them!  (It's much more impressive when you know who you're listening to!)  

I'm out of things to say!  Hopefully I'll do something interesting soon!!  Maybe kathy and i will go play golf together. She's supposed to be pretty lousy at that as well. :)  

love, brittany



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