Brittany Ross in Thailand 
March 13, 2003

hey srhs,

How is everyone??  I realize i haven't written in a very long time.  That's because Thailand is exciting for the first little while, as is anything, and then eventually it just becomes home and the things you do are just things you would do every day.  Kind of like brushing your teeth!     

Last week Kelly had a party for us.  (We didnt know it was for us, we just thought it was a party). She invited everyone she knew with kids!!  So we met a lot of great new (English speaking) people.  We hit it off pretty well with everyone.  The day before yesterday we went over to Heidi and Heaven's (the girls we met) house.  All of the kids from the party were there and we had a pretty good time.  We met another guy, Dennis, who's 17 and from Ontario too!  He's pretty fun.  Not in the dating way. hahaha.  The boys took Lindsey and I out to eat; they ordered.  It was pretty good.  Then again, it was just chicken rice ... And i order that a lot. :)  They tried to teach us to eat the Thai way.  We thought it was ridiculous.  The only good thing about eating mainly with a spoon is that you can shovel more food into your mouth.  The good thing about having guy friends who speak Thai is that that they will teach you to say the things the girls won't.  I am now well armed for retaliating against creepy old Thai men!!!    

At first i thought that living in my new home was going to be very luxurious.  Who wouldn't want a gardener, and maids who make your bed and clean your room, not to mention do your laundry??  not that i ever did it in the first place.  I soon learned that i can't stand it!!  We have 6 people in our family; i don't need 2 more buzzing around me!!  The maids put everyone's clothes in my closet, they have sucessfully turned my favorite white shirt pink, as well as a few more shirts and a pair of my shorts.  (how about my only shorts!).  They woke me up yesterday morning when they came in my room too.  They were lucky to have been out of the house when i found out my clothes were pink.  I haven't found any good places for stashing bodies yet.   Anyway, this morning i locked my bedroom door.  That way no one else's clothes were going in my dresser, they weren't going to wake me up, and they couldn't get within 10f of my clothes that weren't already pink!  I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow morning!!  And every morning until i come back to pei where i have to make my own bed anyway.    

I can't wait until my family gets our motorbikes.  They're like a cross between a motor cycle and a moped.  I'm sick of taking tuk-tuks!!  The girls and i had one guy a few days ago take us to 5 different places until he stopped, and some man came over and said "ferlang"  So we said "sure take us to the closest ferlangs here!"  so they dropped us off at the ferlang house, and it was where we wanted to be.  Then tonight i was trying to get to the 7-11.  The tuk tuk driver tried to take me to hat yai (mr. maclure, i am in might know the distance!).  No matter where a tuk-tuk driver takes you it's always 10 bat.  Even if they get it wrong.  I only had 10 bat on me so i stopped the tuk-tuk when i saw he was taking me to hat yai, told him i wasn't paying him, and got out in the middle of no where!  I was on the verge of a mental breakdown!!  I cried some, but this old couple waved down another tuk-tuk and sent him to the right spot.     

That's all i really have to update anyone on!  I've been getting the scoop from a few faithful writers on what's going on in Souris, and even one or two from Morell!!  It's almost like i never left home...except i did. 

love, brittany  



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