Brittany Ross in Thailand 
March 24, 2003

Hey guys!

How did everyone's March break go??  I heard there were a few good parties, and a few good hockey games!  And well, a few not so good hockey games.  I guess you're lucky i wasnt there to boo you. Just kidding!  I'm actually missing hockey over here!!  They don't even have field hockey.  

Once again, I have been up to nothing interesting!!  I babysit a few kids around here.  So i'm spending most of my time hanging out with 7 year olds!  They crack me up though.  We went to a pool 15 minutes out of Songkla last week.  The water was so warm compared to the Samilla pool!!  They use salt water in the pool.  It was pretty neat.  Not many people went there either!!  They're all at the beach, but i'm staying clear of the beach for now.  They have these neon blue jelly fish called man of wars that are supposed to hurt really bad when you get stung by them, and the tentacles stick to your skin.  So we had all of the kids at Samilla pool yesterday.  It was kind of fun.  We all got a little sunburnt though.  You'd think after all this tanning we'd stop burning eventually!! 

Worse than getting sunburnt is the mosquitoes!!  I have over 20 bites on each of my legs.  They look like huge welts.  They honestly swelled up to the size of the bumps you get after being shot with a paintball.  Not only do they look gross, they itch like crazy.  I'm pretty thankful at this point that there is no malaria in this part of Thailand!!  We're on the look out for bugspray!  I'd even take raid at this point! 

How is the war situation over in Canada??  We stay tuned to bbc most of the time.  But we're all dying for some Canadian news.  We check in on CNN sometimes to see what the Americans are saying.  I'm glad Canada still hasn't gotten involved!!  My friends and i would have done all that protesting for nothing!  Just kidding.  I've been getting a lot of questions about Thailand's involvement in the war.  Basically they have none.  They don't want to get involved with it and are staying neutral.  Kind of like Canada.  Which is good news for me!!  

Anyway, we're going to go on vacation here one of these days, so i might have something interesting to write about that? 

love, brittany 

ps.  Mr. macclure, i saw your travel spot and noticed you didn't include your trip to Thailand!   Glad to see you enjoyed your march break!  I was pretty happy to just talk to my friends at normal hours of the day!  I noticed on the Morell website they have a message board and i was wondering why souris doesnt have one!!



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