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Click on the thumbnail to get to the larger picture. this section is of my favorite images, from the newest scrolling down to the oldest. 



Taii. I did this picture for a contest.


Syntastic the glitter eating, glue stick gnawing, nail polish chugging kitty.


Snyper. Mikey's girlfriend. She's a sniper... Headshot!


Mikey the Tedi. He's a thermophile. You know what that means? Fryin' tonight.


Tribby as an evil Tedi bear from the Conker: Live and Reloaded video game...

Tribby Pyro

Tribby. So... Tribby has been getting mad more often than not now a days. Why...? Plenty of different reasons... She's also found out that when she gets angry enough she can create, manipulate, and control fire... *purr* 

Tribby - Rawr

Tribute is back, and she's making her presence known.


Garfield. This picture was inspired by the new Garfield movie. Supposed to look spotty. My own art on my own time. Done for me by me. 


Bridgette. A fursona that I believed was of me. but in fact, is not. She is merely a Finnish black fox that enjoys playing in the snow. 

Bridgette 2 

This is what Bridgette the black fox used to look like. Seemingly, she went through a lot of changes. Apparently, blue hair just wasn't right for her. this one will have to be renamed, and I think that Taina may be the new choice.

Arachnicat.jpg (238085 bytes)

Arachnicat. Poor creature was used in a lab to try to create a lethal killing machine. A mixture of puma, black widow, and a number of other poisonous spiders... This was the final outcome. Sadly (or not sadly), the scientists never survived after she broke out of her cage.


This was the original fursona of mine. Her name was Tribute. She was a mixture of your usual goat, a crocodile, a feline, and her most vital part, Hyena. She also had a lot of bat in her, but her wings were removed.

Usea Katse

Usea Katse. Or, otherwise known as the Wire Hair. He is a species of my own creation, made for a "create your own monster" contest. Sadly, I was too late and didn't get the chance to enter. Ah well. I am still proud of this one.

Leather Bunni

Leather Bunny. Inspired from the movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" This is a bunny rabbit version of Leather face.


A little bit of blood never hurt anyone. Six legged prehistoric creature having a meal.


Tribute Maiden, my fursona... Once again. This time she is a little down in the dumps and has a broken heart...

Helsinki Heart

Helsinki Heart... A ghost feline with a strange obsession with spiders. Perhaps a spider was the cause of his death?

Fuenral of Hearts

Ville Valo and his own fursona created by myself. I think he's meant to be a Husky.

Life is Short

A different picture of Ville as his Fursona. The quote on the wall behind him, is his own.


The infamous Stitch from the the Disney Lilo and Stitch series.

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