Elites (click here for ranks)

The Elites are really strong and they are very hard to kill. There are many different types of elites, the different color armor is a type of rank, with different qualities. They are about 9 feet tall, and the blue, and green Elites use plasma rifle, and the red Elites use needlers to attack. They usually are hiding and waiting to attack the humans and they sometimes attack in groups. It is very hard for humans when three Elites attack at the same time.


Brutes are large and very deadly Covenants, whom will take a good beating before you can finish them off. They are protected with a thick armor around the vital body part and carry a plasma type weapon.


The grunts are little dudes of about five feet tall and they're really weak, you can kill them very easy. The grunts tend to attack in groups and stick to more powerful allies. Like i said they are very easy to defeat but in groups they can be harmful for marines. The grunts use a variety of guns such as the plasma pistol, sometimes they use plasma rifles, and they have a lot of plasma grenades that are very dangerous because once there stick on you, you're dead.




This is the grand daddy of them all. They can be seen seating in a hovering type chair. These are the upper class Covenants which control the lower class. Our guess is that they initiate battle plans and other important tasks.



like the Brutes, Drones appear to be new additions to covenant fighting forces and are being deployed in masse. Apparently insectiod in origin, in addition to maintaining covenant spaceships, they have limited ability to fly and are excellent shots. Highly intelligent, their mastery of antigravity flight assistance has given them an almost insurmountable strategic advantage in combat.


The jackals are not very strong but they are hard to kill because they carry a big energy shield. They use plasma pistols and they attack in group with the grunts. The jackals have superior senses of sight, hearing, and smell than humans. The jackals usually run away when they received too many shots in their shields


The hunters are the strongest kind of of covenants. The hunters are twelve feet tall but they can't really jump or move fast. The hunters don't use a normal gun, they have a fuel rod gun integrated directly into their armor. Also they carry an enormous metal shield that they also used as a weapon. When you playing the game you better not let this dudes hit you because just with a single hit they waist almost all your health