People from around the school that have piercings

Alyssa MacDonald, top of ear

Stephanie Lutz, nose

Carolyn Gallant, belly button

Carolyn Gallant, tongue

Laura Rose, tongue

Laura Rose, ear

Kayla Cheverie, tongue

Nikita Perry, belly button

Mallory McInnis , tongue

Nikita Perry, nose

Amber Jenkins & Megan MacIsaac, tongue

Sam MacIsaac, eyebrow

Amber Jenkins & Megan MacIsaac, belly button

Ben MacDonald, tongue

Lauren Savoie, belly button

Keir Sheehan, eyebrow

Reece Longaphie, eyebrow

Reece Longaphie, ear

Candice Janzen, eyebrow

Lauren Savoie, ear

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