The Three Offenders of Fishing

Making decisions without thinking about the good of others!
David Alward David Alward

Minister of Agriculture,
Aquaculture and Fisheries
New Brunswick

Geoff Regan Geoff Regan

Federal Fisheries Minister

RCMP marching The RCMP

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Mr. Alward attempted to send food and supplies to the seiners at Souris Harbour but he was stopped by fishermen, who he called " an angry mob".  He also stated that he was " completely disappointed by the ongoing intimidation by PEI inshore fishermen."  I think Mr. Alward should learn to choose his words carefully because he was the politician who ran the seiners out of New Brunswick waters. And to say that he was being intimidated by the fishermen is a bad statement.  Perhaps if Mr. Alward fished and knew how important it was to make a living instead of doing little at all as a politician he would learn that some minor protesting is necessary. Geoff Regan knew when he was named Federal Fisheries Minister he would have to deal with the seiner dispute.  Mr. Regan says there is enough fish there for the seiners to fish and he based this on his scientists.  Mr. Regan does not believe fishermen who have fished those waters for 20-30 years and know the fishing grounds off by heart.  Part of politics is trying to fulfill some wishes for some of your sponsors and companies that support you throughout your campaign. It looks like Mr. Regan is doing a good job of helping out the seiner association by using the word "science" as an excuse.   Two years in a row the RCMP made their presence known at Souris Harbour. In 2003 a police officer had his foot run over by a transfer truck. One of his colleagues said that a fisherman knocked the officer under the truck when really it was another officer who was waving the truck forward and a fisherman who saved the downed officer from further disaster. Also in 2003 the RCMP tactical squad was at the wharf. They had machine guns and brutally threw two fishermen to the ground when they were arresting them, cutting and scraping them.  Then in 2004 the RCMP physically forced a woman supporter at Souris Harbour to the ground and in the process told her she was going to be arrested. For what? The use of such thoughtless, brutal actions by those policing our country makes me very nervous.

Last Mention : Seiner Association - The captains aboard the seiner vessels know themselves they are ruining the stocks.  They still fish though.  When it all comes down to it in the end, it's a matter of money. The seiners association is willing to sacrifice the future stocks of herring and other fish for the immediate gain of todays age.

seiner leaving port


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