Some Pictures of the Harbour

Souris Harbour   

This is a picture of Souris Harbour


Barricades set up at Souris Harbour

This is a picture showing the fences put up so the herring seiners could unload their fish and have it transported.  In the background is another police officer making a reported $65 an hour.  


Police cruiser

Here is a picture showing a police cruiser sitting around waiting for the next load of fish to come in.  The funny thing is no fish did come in as the seiners did not return.  The police got their pay though.


This is a picture of the Souris Lighthouse which has guided fishermen and other boats into Souris Harbour since 1880.  If the seiners keep fishing this lighthouse will have no meaning as there will be no fish to catch and no fishermen to use the lighthouse as a guide into the Harbo

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