2004 Dispute

        2004 was the same as 2003 except for the fact that the RCMP were prepared and the fishermen couldn't do nothing.  RCMP were seen down at Souris Harbour during October and September getting ready for the Seiners arrival.  They were seen installing secret cameras, voice recorders, and getting their plans together.  Then on October 27th the first boats arrived and unloaded their fish without protest.  There were fences put up so the fishermen couldn't interfere and there were policemen at the wharf escorting the truckloads of fish to the Confederation Bridge. The fishermen were helpless because if they tried to interfere they could be arrested and sued by the Seiner Association. Several people in Souris were arrested for apparently driving "too slow" in front of the trucks with the herring. Other then that, all was quiet right up till Fisheries Minister of New Brunswick, David Alward sent a truckload of food and supplies to the seiners at Souris Harbour.  When news of this arrived at Souris, local fishermen set up a blockade to not allow the truckload through.  The cops tried to move the supporters and even went to great lengths to knock a lady to the ground and then proceeding to tell her she was being charged.  The RCMP and David Alward were the two troublemakers that day.  In the end the protest ended and the truck ended up leaving Souris.

.Unloading Fish

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Future Outlook

    As the seiners keep fishing in the fall, the herring stocks decline around the island and ultimately this will lead to the collapse of the tuna fishery, lobster fishery, and other fisheries.  When this happens P.E.I. will be in a state of shock and the economy will be blown.  It's really sad to see DFO allowing this to happen but they do every year.  In the end the seiners will leave PEI and fish elsewhere and bring forth the same devastation they are bringing forth upon our island.  Many people will lose their way of making a living and many memories will be lost.  Its too bad to see this happening and it's sad that little boys or girls like this little girl will lose their memories of beautiful days out on the water, fishing with their parents.

Young girl smiling after a day of fishing







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