Images of Guitars

There are way too many different types of guitars to list and show on just this one page, so I'm going to break it up into a few organized categories for you to choose from:

I'll also just be focusing on Fender and Gibson types, since they're the most common brands.

Electric - Probably the most recognized, since a lot of popular artists use them, and most people that start playing want to get good enough to play one like they're favorite band.

Acoustic & Acoustic Electric - Most guitar players start with an Acoustic guitar, and they make a nice sound. An Acoustic Electric guitar could be an alternative for people who love the feel of the Acoustic body, but like their music loud as well.

Bass - Essential in any band is a Bass guitar. It flows with the rest of the music for the best possible sound.

Weird - Guitars that are just plain weird.


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Steven MacDonald