Metal Gear Solid the start of a great series on Playstation. You play the role of Solid Snake not knowing what is in store for him through the mission. Snake is a retired war hero who was on an elite team called Fox Hound. Fox Hound is a special counter terror ops team specializing in stealth missions. This game has now been copied and is on GameCube which it also has a different name called The Twin Snakes. I heard that it is pretty good but In ever played it. 

Metal_Gear_Solid_2_-_Grey_Fox.jpg (70987 bytes)                           snakeliquid.jpg (21247 bytes)

Pic to the top there is Grey Fox an old war friend of Snake's  that turned bad in the past the other pic is the twins together Snake is on the left and Liquid is on the left. Liquid Snake is Snake's how should I say brother in a way through out the game Liquid Snake will explain the whole mess.

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Here are some nice pics in the middle the background is Metal Gear Rex and in the pic to the right the girl is Meryl. Snake kinda falls for her later on through out  the game.




This is what the game play looks like in the game and the top right of the pic. is your soliton radar if you don't know what the is.








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