The best game in the world is due out November 20.

This probably the best of the Metal Gear Solid series. You are to carry out a mission to save a person but thing go so wrong, sparks fly, betrayal the works.  

For the experienced MGS gamer this is the best for us it is a challenge because you don't have a choice of the soliton radar but there is gadgets that act like it but they are limited. The weapons are of the time  so your in so technology isn't as good so you have to have skill to hit the enemy. Over all it is the best. Other little cool facts is the cure option. When you get shot or cut or burned etc. you have to be your own doctor but you have a medic to help you via radio. Also when you eat or cure a wound it has a little video of Snake doing so which is very cool. 

In the MGS3 camouflage plays a big part in your missions as you can see here in the top right corner a percentage sign and the words "Tree Bark Woodland" you have many other types of cammo for your missions. 

You can take on helicopters

Not only will you take on Metal Gear you take on helicopters and some men on hover craft type things that remind me of Star wars speeder bikes and all your weaponry is that of what time era your in.

Main Character