Chevrolet entered the "modern" muscle car era with a car already established with a high performance name and image: the Impala SS. Available with the "real fine" 409 engine, the full-size model offered three pretty strong options- a 340 bhp and a 400 bhp version with the single four barrel carb; or the dual four barrel monster offering 425 bhp! Before '64, the Impala SS was just an option package, but this year it was a separate series. 8,684 Impalas with 409s were sold.

    Also new on the map was the Chevelle Malibu SS, but it's 283 cranked out "only" 230 bhp. The 327 with 300 horses was offered later in the year after the GTO jumped out of the gate. 76,000 Chevelles were sold.


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