Muscle Car Terms

A bone / Model A Ford

ABS / Anti-lock brakes.

AC Shelby Cobra / The 1962-67 Shelby Cobra by Ford.

AC / Air Conditioning

Air Scoop / Forward facing aerodynamic device or opening used to duct cool outside air to some part of the vehicle.

AHRA /American Hot Rod Association

AMC / "American Motors Corp" an organization which merged with Chrysler Corporation.

AFB / "Aluminum four-barrel," as in Carter AFB carburetor.

AT / Automatic Transmission

Auto / Automatic

Axle / An axle is a shaft on which the wheels revolve.

Backfire / Passage of unburned fuel mixture into the exhaust system where it is ignited and causes an premature explosion.

Banger / Term used to express the cylinders in an engine. Such as "six banger."

Beast / A vehicle which performs very well.

Beemer / Term for BMW.

Beetle / Term for the original rear-engined Volkswagen.

Big-block Engine: A large V-8 engine produced in the '60s and '70s. Typically it has a cast-iron block and head and is fed by a carburetor.

Block / That part of the engine containing the cylinders.

Bolt-on goodies / Accessories which are easily secured to an automobile; often for show rather than function

Blower: A pump which forces air into the cylinders at higher than atmospheric pressure. The increased pressure forces more air into the cylinders than what would be drawn in normally. In this way the engine can burn more fuel and thus produce more power.

Bore / The cylinder hole itself. The diameter or width of the cylinder.

Boss / Ford Mustang Model

Bowtie / Chevy

Carburetor / Device that vaporizes fuel and mixes it with air in proper quantities and proportions to suit the varying needs of the engine.

Christmas Tree / Device, using a series of lights, to start cars on the timed 1/4 mile drag run.

Clunker / Vehicle which might run but is rusty and in need of a lot of repair work.

Column Shifter / A gear changer lever and mechanism which is located on the steering column below the steering wheel.

Coupe / An enclosed single-compartment body with two doors and varying passenger capacity depending on seat arrangements.

Cubic Centimeter / (cc) Metric measurement of engine displacement. 1000 cc = 1 liter (litre) which is about 61 cubic inches.

Cubic Inch: A measurement of volume equal to 16.387 cc.

CUDA / Plymouth Baracuda

CFM / carb flow

Cylinder / The round chamber or hole in the cylinder block that houses the pistons and where combustion takes place.

Duels / Duel Exhaust

Dual Quads / Two 4 barrel carbs on one engine

Deuce / Hot rod built around a 1932 Ford coupe body.

Double Overhead Cam: (DOHC) Engine with two camshafts located above the cylinders. One drives the intake valves and the other operates the exhaust valve.

Drive Train / Refers to the entire moving part of the car: Engine, clutch, transmission, driveshaft, differential, axles, and sometimes the wheels.

Drophead Coupe: Two-door automobile which has the appearance of a convertible, but the roof is fixed in place.

Dual Carburetors: Two carburetors on the same engine.

Flathead / Engine with all the valves in the block on one side of the cylinder.

Four-speed transmission / A manual or automatic transmission which has four forward gears.

4WD / "four-wheel drive."

Glass Pack Muffler / A straight through (no baffles) muffler using fibreglass packing around a perforated pipe to deaden exhaust sound.

GMC / "General Motors Corporation."

GT / "Gran Turismo" or "Grand Touring."

HD / "heavy duty."

HP / Horse Power

Headers / Special exhaust manifolds that replace the stock manifold. Designed with smooth flowing lines to prevent back pressure caused by sharp bends, rough castings, etc.

Hemi / Engine using hemispherical -shaped (half of a globe or sphere) combustion chambers. The valves are cocked at 45 degrees from the piston top.

Hi Perf / "high performance," also called "hi-po" or "hi po."

Idiot Lights / Term for the indicator lights on the dashboard which are illuminated when the vehicle is experiencing some problem such as a lack of oil, overheating, failed brakes, low fuel, etc.

IFS: "independent front suspension."

In-line Engine / Engine in which all the cylinders are arranged in a straight row.

Misfire / Failure of the fuel charge in one or more engine cylinders to fire or ignite at the proper time.

Mopar / Trade name of Chrysler Corp for its motor parts (i.e., MOtorPARts). Chrysler also uses the name Autopar to indicate its automobile parts (i.e., AUTOmobilePARts).

MPG / "miles per gallon,"

MPH / "miles per hour."

NASCAR / "North America Stock Car Auto Racing."

NOS / New Old Stock

NOS/ Nitrious Oxide System

OD / Over Drive

OHV / "overhead valve" -- valve-in-head engine in which the valves are directly above the piston.

OEM / "original equipment manufacturer."

OHC / "overhead camshaft."

Part Out / To dismantle a vehicle and sell the parts.

Parts Car / Vehicle that has been damaged beyond repair or restoration, or that has deteriorated badly. Useful only as a source of parts.

Pedal to the Metal / To fully apply the accelerator for a fast take-off.

PDB / Power Disc Brakes

Pony Car / Small, sporty car along the lines of the Mustang, Firebird, Camaro, etc.

PG / "powerglide" automatic transmission. A two-speed automatic transmission offered by General Motors.

Posi Track / Type of Rear End (Positive Traction)

Ram Induction: Using the forward momentum of vehicle to scoop air and force it into carburetor via a suitable passageway.

Ram Intake Manifold / Intake manifold that has very long passageways that at certain speeds aid the entrance of fuel mixture into the cylinders.

Red Line / Top recommended engine rpm. If a tachometer is used, it will have a mark (red line) indicating maximum rpm.

Reproduction: Parts or complete vehicles that have been manufactured to closely follow or exceed original specifications, materials, and performance. Also called "repro" or "repros."

Restoration / Act of working on a vehicle with such care as to bring it back to its original condition (including original parts, paint, chroming processes, etc.) rather than merely rebuilding or repairing one.

Roadster / (Rdstr) An open-type body with one cross seat and a luggage compartment in the rear deck.

Roll Cage / Protective structure which surrounds the driver in the event of a rollover or crash.

Ragtop / Convertible

R/T /
Road and Track Model for Dodge

Sedan / An enclosed four-door body type, it has permanent back panels and top with full-width cross seats front and rear, and passenger capacity from five to seven depending on wheelbase.

SEMA / "Specialty Equipment Market Association," the aftermarket and reproduction vehicle parts organization.

Six Banger / Six cylinder engine.

Six-Pack / Three 2 barrel carbs on one engine

Small Block/ Chevrolet Engines 400 c.i. and smaller

SPD / "speed," as in 4-spd. transmission.

Sport Coupe / Similar to the coupe, it has a rumble seat in the rear deck and a small compartment for storage of golf clubs. transmission.

SS / Super Sport (Camaro, Chevelle, Nova and Impala Models)

Stovebolt / Generally refers to Chevrolet (GMC) 6-cylinder, in-line, valve-in-head (push rod operated) engine.

Suicide Doors / Doors that have the hinge toward the back of the vehicle.

Supercharger / An air compressor designed to force air, under pressure, into the cylinder. Can be mounted between the carburetor and cylinders or between the carburetor and the atmosphere. It boosts the power of the engine.

Stroke/ The distance the piston moves when travelling from bottom dead center (BDC) to top dead center (TDC) or vice versa.

Stroked / The action of lengthening the stroke on an engine. Sometimes an engine manufacturer will produce an identical engine as he did in the previous year, but this time the stroke is longer. Thus it has been stroked. If the bore is also increased, it is bored and stroked

Stroker / An engine using a crankshaft that has been stroked.

Tachometer / (tach) A device used to indicate the speed of the engine in rpm.

Throwing a Rod / The action of breaking a connecting rod.

3-spd / "three-speed," either manual transmission or automatic transmission.

Totalled / A car accident in which a vehicle has sustained severe damage so that the cost to repair it is more than what the vehicle is worth.

Tranny / "transmission."

Transaxle / A drive setup in which the transmission gearbox, clutch, final drive, and differential are combined into a single unit connected directly to the driveshaft.

Turbocharger / An exhaust powered turbine super-charger. Turbochargers always use centrifugal-flow compressors, which operate efficiently at the high rotational speeds produced by the exhaust turbine.

Two-Plus-Two /
(2+2) A two-door car with seating for the driver and a front passenger and only two people in the rear. It differs from a regular two-seater in that generally three people could sit in the rear seat and possibly three in the front.

Wheelie Bars / Short arms attached to the rear of a drag racer to prevent the front end from rising too far off the ground during heavy acceleration. Arms are usually of spring material and have small wheels attached to the ends that contact the ground.

WWW / "wide whitewall," as in www tires.

2-4v's /
Two Four Barrel Carbs



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