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GTA San Andreas

GTA Vice City/GTA 3

GTA 3 Vice City and San Andreas are the 3 original GTA city's

the city's have been modeled after New York (gta 3) Miami (Vice City) and {San Francisco (San Feiaro) Los Angles (Los Santos) and Las Vegas (Los Venturas)} [GTA San Andreas]

Five years ago Carl Johnston left San Andreas because of the death of his little brother
he has returned because of the murder of his mother. He is now out to clean up the streets and take his

another great fan site grand theft auto warehouse

Main Characters


  1. Shot Guns-range from basic pump actions to assault shot guns.
  2. pistols-only 3 9mm desert eagle and silenced 9mm
  3. sub machine guns-tec 9's uzi's and 
  4. assault rifles-ak 47's and m4's
  5. heavy machine guns-mini gun
  6. Rifles-go all the way from a .22 to a full on military sniper rifle

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