Hanson Links

A website owned and operated by Hanson themselves. It's updated often and is the most reliable source of Hanson info on the net.
Hanson House
This site is owned by Hilary and is an excellent site for up-to-date news on the whereabouts of Hanson and also has some interesting things to check out.
It Seems I've Had Hanson On My Mind
A site that has excellent pictures, up-to-date news and info, and even a tribute to Isaac Hanson.
Hanson Have You Ever Noticed
This site gives funny and interesting things that people have noticed from the dozens of hanson TV appearances.

Moffatt Links

The Moffatts Official Website
This site has up-to-date info on the whereabouts of The Moffatts as well as journal entrys from the guys, and free email accounts.
The Moffatts Miss You Like Crazy
This site gives an in-depth look at each of the moffatt brothers and has a great picture gallery.
The Moffatts On-line
This website is owned and operated by a GUY!! So, needless to say, it is not all about which Moffatt is the cute one. It is informative and even has an interesting trivia game to test your knowledge of those famous CANADIAN brothers.

Great Big Sea Links

The Official Great Big Sea On-line Kitchen Party
This is the Official Great Big Sea website. It's operated by none other than Alan Doyle's girlfriend Joanne. I must say, she does a great job of keeping the guys site up to date with tour info and information about that Newfoundland band we all know and love.

Savage Garden Links

Savage Garden, The Official Sites
This is the official site of the aussie pop sensation known a Savage Garden. It has very nice graphics and even gives song samples from their latest CD "Affirmation".

Bryan Adams Links

Bryan Adams Dot Com
This is the official Bryan Adams page. He's another canadian who has been making music for a FEW years now. With his latest release, "Best Of Me", he has become a sensation all over again.