If Only

Well every single time I see you
I start to feel this way
It makes me want to be forever
Going to feel this way again
There's a picture
And its hanging in the back of my head
I see it over and over
I want to hold you and love you
In my arms and then
I want to need you cause I need to
Be with you till the end
Then I hear myself reply
You've got to hold it in
This time tonight

If only I had the guts to feel this way
If only you look at me and want to stay
If only I take you in my arms and say
Well I wont go cause I need you
Please don't go
Cause I need you now

(there's a verse I don't know)
I want to hear you say
It will always be this way
We will be hand in hand
For every night and everyday
I want to scream and shout
Cause were losing any doubt
And all I care about is you and me
And us and now yea oh yea yea


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