Here you'll find some of my favorite links, not all of which are related to The Usual Suspects.

Internet Movie Database
A great site that provides you with pictures (stills and otherwise), movie stats, gossip, searches on every facet of film entertainment. A must visit. A++

Screenwriter's Utopia
As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to screenwriting news and articles. Features include tips on screenwriting, script reviews, as well as columns and interviews. Through them, special deals on screenwriting books and software can be had. A+
Are you bored? Can't find anything to do, or look at? Visit this site, and you won't be able to say that anymore. It has links to other sites that list, among other things: jokes, java games, a site dedicated to life's unanswered questions, a birthday database, a site that gives away freebies, and lots more. A+

Ain't it cool News
A site dedicated entirely to movie gossip and new facts. Pictures, links to interesting sites, and plenty of gossip await you here. A

Flaming Text
Need a banner made up for one of your web pages? A button? A bunch of buttons? is an online banner generator, giving you tons of options in making the banners of any size, colour, type face, and design. And all for FREE! Definitely recommended. A++

Movie Scripts
This is where I found the Usual Suspects Script that I have posted. They have a huge number of scripts, in many cases with more than one draft available so you can view the changes made from inception to end. They are perfectly legal, having been offered in the public domain. A+
If you are looking for Genuine Final Shooting Scripts try...
At ScriptWorld, you can PURCHASE actual authentic shooting scripts online. Screenplays are $15.00 American, and service is quite reliable. A

The Usual Suspects Webring
From, the Usual Suspects webring contains links to tons of other sites dedicated to the film. Some of these sites provided valuble research material in creating my site. B

The Bryan Singer Webring
Again from, this ring is dedicated to Bryan Singer, director. B+
I just realized that it would be simpler to link directly to Bomis, and let you do your own search for info and webrings. :::Smack!::: Stupid me. A
This site has a complete (or nearly so) database of movie trailers available to download. They aren't all hosted here, only linked to. The server is very fast, and almost all of the links are reliable. Everything is for free and totally legal also. Most of them are MOV files, which means you will need the Quicktime Viewer or similar program to download and view properly. A+

Quicktime Trailer Theater
At, they have a theater dedicated to quicktime trailers for all new movies. They have them sorted by studio, as well as links to every movie's official home page. However, they don't have an archive, as all of the movies are hosted locally. Still worth a look, though. B-

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