The Cuisine

"One of only twelve restaurants in
Canada awarded our highest rating."
Where to Eat in Canada, 1998

Meet the Chef

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The Tasting Menus
Every day Chef Jeff McCourt offers four special tasting menus that reflect the ingredients of the day. These menus are served to every table. The five-course meals are a comfortable progression of multiple courses, each unique and original. They all represent the contemporary creative cuisine that the inn features. "From our Kitchen Garden" is a celebration of our garden, all-vegetable courses and desserts. "From Island Waters" showcases the vast diversity of our maritime environment. "From Island Farms" highlights the agricultural and wild bounty of the Island. "Open Kitchen Tasting" is our grand tasting for special occasions, you will consult with the Chef in the Kitchen and customize a menu that comprises a tour of the whole kitchen."

The Chefs Table
Join them for a very special, unforgettable occasion: dinner at the Chef's Table in the kitchen. This opportunity is available on a reservation basis only for but one party per evening. You will dine in the private glass walled room as you experience the energy of the kitchen. This is your opportunity to come and say to Chef Jeff McCourt "cook for me" and enjoy seven (7) courses prepared as you watch. Each member of Team Cuisine will deliver a course with a description of what he/she has just prepared. Be prepared for a comfortable progression of tastes with your evening's entertainment unfolding before your eyes and palate.