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How To Get The Secret Characters

Note: Some of the names may be different from the English version. But the pictures and information is the same.

    1. Mojo-Get the Shark tooth from Kiki's father in Arni(Home) and give it to Kiki's father in the Other World.

    2. Poshul

    3. -Get the Heckran Bone in the back room of the restaurant in Arni. Go to the place where Poshul is running and give him the bone. Also if you refuse Kid when you meet at Cape Howl, you can get her then.
    4. Draggy-Go to the elevator in Fort Dragonia (another) and use the Big Egg in the glowing machine that works. The Big Egg is located in Fossil Valley where the angry bird is.

    5. Neofio

      -Get the Green Tinkler from the dwarf in Guldove's bar, then, using the Tinkler, make your way to the place where you met the Hydra in the another world and pick up the Life Sparkle . Go to Fio's pool (the place where Kid was injured) in Viper Manor. Use the Life Sparkle on Neofio.
    6. Janice

      -Go to the Grand Slam on the S.S.Zelbess and win all three battles. This is a lot easier if you have defeated a lot of enemies with a character who is equipped with the Forget-Me-Not-Pot.
    7. Starky

      -Collect the Star Fragment from the El Nido Triangle and take it to Sky Dragon Isle. You will be attacked by a large alien, (use powerful black elements and you will win easily).After you win, catch the smaller alien and he will join you.
    8. Orlha

      -Go to Guldove(Another) as Lynx and beat Orlha, once you become Serge again return the Sapphire Brooch to Orlha.
    9. Turnip

      -Get the Ice Gun from Lucca's house or get the Ice Breath from the Water Dragon go to the Burned-Out Hermit's Hideaway and use one of these items on the ground that is mentioned as "too hot for anything to grow." Then go to the other Hermit's Hideaway and bring Poshul. She will say something and then dig up Turnip.

How to Assemble Skelley

In Fossil Valley(another), Near the Dragon Skull.
Found in a cave in Hydra Marsh (another).
Found in a small ,blocked cave in the Isle of the Damned. Defeat a Will'O Wisp near the cave to open it.
Found in the place where you get the aroma pouch. (Shadow forest)
Found on Water Dragon Isle (Another)
Get from the element trader in Guldove(another).

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