Chrono Trigger Information

Crono - The main character of Chrono Trigger. He doesn't talk at all in the game. And he dies! You can bring him back though. He uses a sword and can is the only character that can use revive.

Lucca - Crono's best (and only!) friend at the start of the game, she is of the fire element and can put enemies to sleep.She can perform the technique Fire sword with Crono.

Marle - A enthusiastic young girl who does not want to be seen for her royal heritage. She is of the water element and can perform Antipode with Lucca.

Frog - Originally known as Glenn until Magus of the Mystics turned him into a frog and killed his friend Cryus. He is of the Water element and can do a summon-type move called Frog Squash which takes more when the enemy's HP is low.

Ayla - The leader of the Ioka Tribe of 65,000,000 BC. She cannot use magic but is a strong physical fighter.

Robo - A robot from the doomed future of 2400 A.D. where Lavos destroyed the planet. Originally called Prometheus, he joins when the first time you enter the factory of 2400 A.D. His attacks are shadow-type and although they are not magic, Robo is still pretty good.

Magus - From the ancient kingdom of Zeal, he is a shadow magic user and has level two versions of all types of magic. He has no double techs, and can only perform triple techs using items.

Techniques List

Tech Name
Spin-cut One Enemy
Restore HP to one ally
Hypno Wave
Puts enemies to sleep
Rollo Kick
Damage to one enemy
Hit all enemies with Max Shock
Dark Matter
Hit all enemies with a triangle of Black Magic