The Concert! (The Melodrama)

On July 4th, 2000, I went to see the Moffatts at the Charlottetown Civic Center in Charlottetown, PEI. I attended with Ashley, my best bud, and we cut no corners when it came to preparation. From roses to potential Moffatt-sighting locations, we did it all.

It started really, on May 27th, the day before my birthday, when Ashley and I, along with two others, got up at 3 o'clock a.m. to travel the hour-long drive to Charlottetown to be first in line for tickets to the fabulous Moffatt concert of our dreams. We were not the first in line, however, we were still very close, which was good enough for us. We waited there in line from 4:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., when the box office opened. We made some friends in line that day...I'll never forget standing up and stating, "My name is Sharon and I like drummers"! That got some laughs! Anyway, we did manage to get front row tickets for our troubles, so it was worth the lack of sleep...

Back to the day of the concert...After carefully choosing the "perfect outfits", making signs, reciting lyrics and such, we were ready. We spent a good portion of the day shopping. Killing time, you know. Besides, we still had glowsticks to buy!

Evening approaches; we are at the Civic Center, listening intently to a very Moffatty sound check. All is groovy. the sucking up to official looking people begins. It doesn't work, however, but we do it anyway.

The concert begins! After sitting through a horribly long set by the totally raunchy sounding Pacific Rim, and a slightly more pleasant McMaster & James, The Moffatts begin.

Two hours later...The Moffatts sucked. They did, I have to be honest. They sang 8 songs that I recognised, and I am a BIG fan! The band decided to "test out" all of their new material on us. I don't know about anybody else, but I have to, adapt, shall we say, to drastic changes like The Moffatts have made. Ashley really enjoyed the concert, but I left feeling rather cheated. I would have liked to have heard more of their "moldy oldies". Call me crazy, but it would have been preferable.

After the concert, the whole gang swarms to the tourbus. It was a rainy, stormy, thunder and lightning type night, and it was really miserable standing out in it. The city police were called on us, and Ashley and I left as they were coming in the parking lot. We were the least of the problems. One girl "invited" herself into the band's tourbus, and stole Scott's pillow! Now, that is a violation of privacy!

All in all, I think my ideal of The Moffatts was tarnished by the whole concert experience, but a true fan stays true to her tunes, even when all hope seems lost!

The Afterthought (The Guilty Conscience)

Okay, okay. Maybe, just maybe, the concert would have been better with more time to prepare. You know, you gotta listen to all of the tunes, and know all the words before you go to an even like this! It's just proposterous to think otherwise. After I have had a good amount of quality listening time to "Submodalities", I will admit that maybe It's not so bad after all...Please forgive me, Moffatt-lovers and Moffatts alike. I have made a terrible mistake...