Jump Off A Building

Released summer 1998 *Toy Machine VideoReleased

First section is Bam which features a few clips of Bam punching Brandon in the head and running over a street sign. After the credits there is a section called "Bam's Park Footy" and the background song is "Genesis 12a." Later there is about 5 minutes of miscellaneous cKy-style footage and at the very end there is a skit where Bam and Bran are driving in Bam's old Misfits-mobile. They go to a grocery store, hit a guy in the head with his own guitar, and leave. Then Jess is trying to hitch a ride, and they stop by him but leave the doors locked, then drive off. They come back and chase Jess around a big field while Billy Idol's "White Wedding" plays the whole time.

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