Famous Vegetarians

  This just goes to show that its not just your everyday Joe that supports vegetarianism, it's all those people you admire and hope one day to become just like them. Vegetarianism is a worldwide cause.

Albert Einstein Scientist Vegetarian
Alec Baldwin Actor Vegetarian
Alicia Silverstone Actor Vegan
Amber Valleta Model Vegetarian
Amber Benson Actor Vegetarian
Andrew Reynolds Pro Skateboarding Vegetarian
Andrew Jacobs U.S., Congress IN Vegetarian
Andy Kaufman Actor Vegetarian
Angela Bassett Actor Vegetarian
Anne Hathaway Actress Vegetarian
Ashley Judd Actor Vegetarian
Avril Lavigne Singer Vegetarian
Bill Manetti BodyBuilder Vegetarian
Bob Barker Game Show Host Vegetarian
Bob Dylan Singer Vegetarian
Brandy Singer Vegetarian
Bryan Adams Musician Vegetarian
Buddha Religious Figure Vegetarian
Carl Lewis Olympic Track Star Vegan
Casey Afleck Actor Vegetarian
Charles Darwin British Naturalist Vegetarian
Daniel Johns Musician Vegetarian
Dan  Castallaneta Voice (Homer Simpson) Vegetarian
Danny DeVito Actor Vegetarian
Dan Goodman Producer Vegetarian
David Duchovony Actor Vegetarian
Dr. Ruth Bates Sex Therapist Vegetarian
Dre Rapper  (Outkast) Vegetarian
Dustin Hoffman Actor Vegetarian
Fionna Apple Singer Vegetarian
Fred Rogers TV Personality Vegetarian
Geoffrey  Giuliano TV (Ronald MacDonald) Vegetarian
Hank Aaron Baseball Player Vegetarian
Henry Ford Ford Motor Company Vegetarian
Jerry Seinfield Actor Vegetarian
Joaquin  Phoenix Actor Vegetarian
Julia Stiles Actress Vegetarian
Kim Basinger Actress Vegetarian
Lenny Kravitz Musician Vegetarian
Leonardo DaVinci Artist Vegetarian
Liv Tyler Actress Vegetarian
Michaell J. Fox Actor Vegetarian
Mohandas  Ghandi Humanitarian Vegan
Moby Singer Vegan
Natalie  Portman Actress Vegetarian
Pamela Lee Anderson Actress Vegetarian
Ralph Waldo  Emerson Poet Vegetarian
Richard Gere Actor Vegetarian
Rachel Leigh Cook Actress Vegetarian
Ringo Star Singer(Beatles) Vegetarian
Scott Adams Cartoonist of Dilbert Vegetarian
Shiri   Appleby Actress Vegetarian
Sir Isaac  Newton Scientist Vegetarian
St. Lunatics Recording Artists Vegetarian
Susan B.  Anthony Women Suffrage Vegetarian
Thomas  Edison Inventor Vegetarian
Toby Maguire Actor Vegetarian
Todd Oldham Designer Vegetarian
Vincent Van Gogh Artist Vegetarian
Benjamin Franklin Inventor Vegetarian
Travis Barker Drummer For Blink 182 Vegetarian