Tomato Information on Vegetarianism


Reasons why people become a Vegetarian.

There are a variety of reasons why people switch to a vegetarian diet. Some people switch to a vegetarian diet for weight loss and improved health. Others are concerned about the safety of meat following recent outbreaks of salmonella and e. coli bacteria. Some feel that it is moral or spiritual issue. Many individuals deplore the suffering of animals in modern factory farms. Still others are concerned about the environment and world hunger. A few just don’t like meat. There are many reasons why people become vegetarians, this site will help educate, and entertain you about being or becoming a vegetarian.


Types Of Vegetarians

Vegan - Avoids all foods of animal origin
Ovo-Vegetarian - Excludes all animal flesh and milk but consumes eggs
Lacto-Vegetarian - Excludes all animal flesh and eggs but consumes milk
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian - Avoids all animal flesh but consumes eggs and milk
Pesco-Vegetarian - Avoids red meat and fowl but consumes fish and seafood
Semi or Partial-Vegetarian - Uses some milk products, eggs, poultry, and fish, but consumes primarily plant based foods

How to Maintian Optimal Health

The Health Benefits which come with Vegetarianism


Examples of some vegetarian food.

In todays society, a number of people are practicing a vegetarian lifestyle. Popular food items are:


Health Risks

                    Being a healthy vegetarian requires more than simply eliminating foods of animal origin.

                    Vegetarian diets are healthy and nutritionally adequate when appropriately planned.

As with an omnivorous diet, a balanced vegetarian diet should consist of a wide variety of foods including grains, cereals, breads, legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

A person who eliminates all foods of animal origin must pay special attention to five nutrients which are: protein, iron, vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D.


How to make the transition to a vegetarian diet.

That depends on the individual. Some people just decide to do it and never look back. Others make gradual changes to their diets. They may start by having one or two meatless meals a day just to try it out. Some people set aside one or two days a week to go veggie, or even one day a week to eat meat. Some people start by eliminating red meat and work from there. Others just cut back on the amount of meat in their diet, using it as a condiment instead of the main course.