~Interesting facts~

~The term tattoo literally means to puncture the skin.

~Tattooing started in the military. The mark was a  never fading pledge that you would stay with your fellow men.

~Tattooing was also used by college students to show what fraternity they pledge themselves to.

~ Famous people 
    Cher was one of the first, with tattoos on her arm, leg, backend.
    Charles Manson had a cross tattooed on his forehead.
    Shaquille O'Neal has a Superman logo on his left arm.

    Mike Tyson has a portrait of Mao on one bicep, Arthur Ashe on the other.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar has a Chinese symbol for integrity on her back and a dagger hanging over a heart on    her ankle.

~Tattoos are addicting. For most people, as soon as you get one you want another.

~You can get Hepatitis C and a number of other diseases if the needles are not clean.

~Tattoo artists tend to have at least one tattoo.