The Nike Shox Stunners

My Stunners
	My page is done on a pair of sneakers I recently purchased in New Brunswick.
Here they are! Another crazy shoe that Nike has come up with. Just when I thought 
the VC's were crazy enough, they gone done it again! First, they incorporated 
the SHOX system. From the looks of it, they look exactly like the ones on the BB4's.
	Moving on, one can't help but notice the zipper on these kicks. After all,
that plastic part encases the entire shoe. It has the classic kick style shoelaces 
hidden underneath the zipper. A new feature added on to the shox style sneaks is
the velcro strap. It may look pretty and keep the shoelaces in but oh yea, it's 
for ankle support. I may sound cynical, but don't get me wrong. This shoe is worn by
many players in the NBA; Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, Jermaine O'Neal and Jerry Stackhouse,
who are all showcasing the beautiful Nike Shox Stunners. 

Red Stunners (sideview) Red Stunners (topview)  
This is a pair of shox stunners colored red
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