Adam Brody Biography

adam.jpg (20314 bytes) Born and raised in San Diego, California, Adam Brody spent his teen years surfing, sunning and swimming. So when it became clear that there was more to his ambition than a career as a professional surfer, he needed to make a decision on his future. After convincing his unwitting parents to allow him to attend college in Los Angeles, Brody moved to Hollywood in January 1999. But instead of enrolling in school, he enlisted the services of an acting coach. A few months (and several part-time jobs) later, the first wave hit as Brody began to land small roles in commercials, pilots, and soaps. Then, a year to the day after his arrival in Hollywood, came the Big Kahuna -- the call that he had been cast in "Growing Up Brady" as the young Barry Williams. Though the news came as a big surprise to his parents and 15-year-old twin brothers, Brody acknowledges that as his first fans, their unwavering support and encouragement continue to motivate him.

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