December 1
Book your babysitter now for the days and weeks ahead.

December 2
Take a stab at tackling your shopping list today.

December 3
Clean out the fridge and freezer.

December 4
Put up your Christmas lights.

December 5
Enrol in a first aid or CPR course.

December 6
Get more
holiday shopping done today.
December 7
Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
December 8
Winterize your car today.
December 9
Bring some Christmas cookies and mulled wine to an elderly
December 10
Take the family to get the Christmas tree.
December 11
Take a spiritual moment for yourself.
December 12
 Make some  dishes this evening to freeze in advance.
December 13
Play a favourite family game this evening.
December 14
Soak your tired feet in a footbath.

December 15
Polish the silver for family dinners.

December 16
Get a good night's sleep.
December 17
Pick up a poinsettia today to brighten your home.
December 18
Put on some music and dance with your kids.
December 19
Make personalized place mats for the extended
December 20
Decorate a gingerbread house with your kids.
December 21
Go for a drive tonight to look at all the christmas lights.
December 22
Go for a sleigh ride with the family.
December 23
Go skating or tobogganing.
December 24
Squeeze in one last visit to the gym.

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