Types of Fish

      In Prince Edward Island there are many types of fish. There are different types of trout,  Mackerel and perch. We have Tuna as well if your after the big game. A lot of people come to the Island every year and they like to go fishing while there here. You don't always catch something but if you don't it's really nice here and the scenery is great.
      We have a lot of shellfish around the Island as well. A very large industry on the island is Lobster and Mussels or clams.
      We also have a lot of fishermen that fish off of the wharfs for Flatfish, or Flounder. Flatfish can become a very large. 
      Although we have a variety of fish there are some fish that are not as fun to catch, like some of the perch that are out there. The perch don't always put up as much of a fight and there not as good to eat.    

Here's a little info on the types of fish

Mackerel, Tuna, Perch


Cod Fish








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