You want um you feed um

     The fish we have here are sometimes picky. sometimes they like yellow colored things, orange colored things or even whatever the guy that's fishing across the river is using. There are a lot of people here that fly fish. But then again there are a lot of bait fishermen here to. most stores sell bait for about two to three dollars.
     The look of the fly doesn't always matter. It's just how you present it. If you just throw a fly in the water then nothing's going to go for it, but if you put it out there and make it tempting..... check and mate.

Here are some fly's

queen of the water.jpg (2375 bytes) Queen of the water
mosquito fly.jpg (1450 bytes)  Mosquito
leech fly.jpg (2424 bytes)  Leech
stimulator.jpg (12763 bytes) Yellow Stimulator






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