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Jason Wahler

Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Sign: Capricorn
Biography: Jason grew up with two older brothers, he's the youngest out of all of them. Ever since he was little, Jason has always played baseball. His family gives him all sorts of baseball collectibles, like autographed photos, cards, and even baseball bats.

This season...: Jason is dating Jessica, but however he keeps his options opened, flirting with Alex M., and even going to winter formal with her. At first Jason is really into his relationship with Jessica, but then it seems like lost interest. Jason calls it off with Jessica and starts dating Alex M., but that doesn't last long due to a phonecall with Jessica, which lead them to hanging out, and soon enough hooking up. Now Jason is free and single...who knows what he's up to, he is Laguna Beach's very own bad boy

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