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Kristin Cavalleri


Birthday: January 14, 1987
Birthplace: Colorado
Sign: Capricorn
Biography: Kristin was born in Colorado on January 14, 1987. When she was in the third grade her parents divorced, and her father moved with her brother to California. Her mother remarried and Kristin moved with her to Chicago. Kristin and her mother fought a lot and kept getting in trouble. She would skip school and stay out late. Before she moved, she was spending the night at her friend's house, they snuck out and her friends mom told Kristin's mom, which resulted to Kristin moving to California. She moved to California in October of 2001, which was her freshman year. One day in January, MTV came to her high school to find a group of people to do a reality show, surprisingly, Kristin got a call from MTV and wanted to do an interview.

This season...: Last year, Kristin was just known as the junior dating Stephen, this year...Kristin rules the school. Kristin, alongside with her best friends Jessica, and Alex H., are involved in all sorts of drama, especially with the other cliques. This year there are two guys in Kristin's life, Stephen and Talan, Kristin makes it obvious she doesn't want a boyfriend...but that doesn't mean she can't flirt. In the end, maybe Kristin will want a boyfriend, if she does...who will she choose Stephen or Talan?

Where is she now?
(November 2004) Finishing her Senior year in high school.
(September 2005) Attending University of Southern California

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" playing "Herself" 7 September 2005
"Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" playing "Herself" 5 September 2005
"Total Request Live" playing "Herself" 15 November 2004


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