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Lauren Conrad (LC)

Birthday: January 7, 1986
Birthplace: Laguna Beach, California
Sign: Aquarius
Biography: Born in Laguna Beach, California on January 7, 1986, LC left Laguna Beach to go to college in San Francisco. Living in Laguna her whole life, how could she not be homesicked? Maybe thats why she came back home. LC loves hanging out with her friends, especially her best friend, LO, and is usually spending her time tanning, shopping and doing whatever every other girl does. LC loves fashion ever since 7th grade and has a strong passion for it.

This season...: Last season, LC ruled the school, then she went to San Francisco to study fashion, she got homesicked so she came home to Laguna Beach. LC hangs out with Stephen whenever he comes home and is also friends with new girl Casey. LC's out of the drama this year...but will she finally get Stephen

Enjoys shopping with her friends.
She is going to college to study fashion design.
Attends The Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising in Los Angeles
Her father is an architect in Laguna Beach, California.

Where is she now?
(November 2004) Studing at San Francisco's Fashion School.
(August 2005) Transfered to FIDM after completing one semester. Moved home
and attended the Irvine, California campus for one semester. Moved to LA and is now attending FIDM's LA campus.

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