November 28

Hey; well today we are just starting our web pages and I am doing my on Laguna Beach... we just have to work on our main pages for today and have that done so check back later and you can see how much I got done .mal*

November 29
Hey; well today I worked on my cast page and I pretty much have that done and then I am going to start doing all my pictures for the Picture page and yah that's probably all I will get done today so check back later! .mal*

November 30
well today I worked on my pictures page and uploaded like 30 some pictures and that is pretty much all I got done today. I will be working on it again tomorrow

December 1
Hey well today I got quite a bit done I finished up my picture page and then I made a new page called Songs , it has all the songs from both season of every episodes it turned out pretty good, I have a little bit of time left so I am going to work on my episode page; bye! *.mal

December 2
Hey well today I pretty much finished my whole site I don't know what else to do with it, um I did my whole episode guide so be sure to check that out. I don't know what to do now that I'm done but ill find something .*mal

December 05
Hey well I thought I had finished everything but then I decided to add a guest book so check out my site and then sign my guest book . thanks .mal.*

December 06
Hey Today I just added more pictures to my pictures page, and now we are trying to get my main page shout box to work properly




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