Eddie is the Mascot for Iron Maiden. He first appeared on the scene in 1980 on the cover of the first Iron Maiden Vinyl entitled Iron Maiden. Ever since then Eddie has appeared in many different forms on each Iron Maiden Cover. Here are some pictures of Eddie over the Years. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Eddie's Pictures

The Trooper

Piece of Mind

Eddie Electrified


Edward The Great

Number of the beast

Eddie Wasted Years

Somewhere In Time Figure

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Behind the Iron Curtain

Eddie in the Pit

Eddie Colage

Here Are some Parodies of Eddie

Sponge A Real Live Dead

Sponge Aces High

Sponge Best Of the BSides

Sponge Brave New Wolrld

Sponge Dance oF Death

Sponge Fear of The Dark

Sponge Hallowed Be Thy Name

Sponge Killers

Sponge Live After Death

Sponge Madien Japan

Sponge Number Of The Beast

Sponge Phantom Of The Opera

Sponge PowerSlave

Sponge Purgatory

Sponge RainMaker

Sponge Run To The Hills

Sponge Saturday Night

Sponge Somewhere in Time

Sponge The Sponge Factor

Sponge The Trooper

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