Nicko McBrain


Michael "Nicko" McBrain was born on June 5, 1952 in London, England. Nicko is the drummer for Iron Maiden. Nicko is a childhood nick name given to him because of his love for his favorite childhood book Nicholas The Bear. and because of first being introduced as an Italian drummer by  Keyboard player Billy Day. Nicko joined the band in 1983 replacing Clive Burr. He previously played with bands McKitty, Pat Travers, and Trust (who supported Iron Maiden on the road during their 1982 Tour.) His debut album with the band was Piece of Mind.


Pictures of Nicko being Nicko

Colorful Music

Don't Shoot!

Nicko at work

Old Nicko

Rough and Ready

Nicko's Drums From The Dance Of Death Tour

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