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Fetal Position My Mu Shu Hah Tambourine
Rawr baby. Tavias Alcatraz Tuomio
Raum the Charizard Risto Tribby Meowth
The Green & The Red Kit the Ninetails Nokia the Zangoose Now I'm really Twisted
Bottled Tribby My Pet Tribster Light mah Fiiiiiah!
August Striped hyena Wacky Willie South Park Tribby South Park Kaaz
PMS Fad Love me Tender Tender
Mm, I'm sexy Ohnoes! Real men wear pink! Vittu...
One of Those Days Ahh! Ant! Mm kissy, kissy Release

All of the artwork displayed on this site is to Megan Banks. Please do not have sticky paws. Don't repost, edit, or reuse any of the images unless you have my permission.




This is my fursona. her name is Tribute, but most people just call her Tribby.No one really knows what she is, including myself. All we do know is that she is unique and pleasurable to be around... Or at least she was when she was alive.





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