On Patrol !!



Cpl. Kevin White checks in with the Canadian base on his radio. Soldiers are in constant contact with Camp Julien whether on foot or in a vehicle.

A soldier on presence patrol, always taking up defensive positions, eyeing potential sources of danger.

Sgt. Dave Stewart is in command of this patrol. He keeps an eye out at the tail end of his patrol. The soldiers are near the Canadian base  as can be seen in the background, with the coils of razor wire that surrounds the camp.

Private Jon Drew mans a perimeter position at an Afghanistan National Police Sub Station prior to heading out on a foot patrol.

Cpl Martin Boreczek from Mississauga, Ont., with the Force Protection Company (FP Coy), of Task Force Kabul (TFK), passes two women wearing burkas near the ruins of the King's Palace, during a dismounted patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Canadian soldier outside Camp Julien

Jordan Merigold Private Richard Kent a former student of SRHS

Corporal Marc Charbonneau (left), Corporal Eric Hunter (center), and Captain Matt McCloskey (right), Canadian soldiers with the Kabul Multinational Brigade (KMNB), Reconnaissance Squadron, prepare to race during a military skills competition in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Corporal Patrick Roy a member of B Company, the 3rd Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment Battalion Group (3 R22eR Bn Gp), patrolling Camp Julien, Kabul, Afghanistan on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

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