Clerk and Pages

Charles MacKay
Charles MacKay
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly


What is a clerk?

    The Clerk is the Chief permanent officer of the House responsible for ensuring, among other things, that the expressed will of the Speaker and the Standing Committee on Legislative Management are implemented, that the support services for Members in the performance of their legislative responsibilities are available, that the records of the House are maintained and that the Speaker and Members of the House are provided with independent procedural, operational and administrative advice on the proceedings of the House.

What responsibilities does a clerk have?


The clerk's assistant is Marian Johnston.



   The pages of the Provincial Legislature have various duties.  They are responsible for getting water, juice, milk, coffee, or tea for the MLA's.  They photocopy documents and pass messages for the MLA's.  They make sure certain doors in the legislative chamber stay closed during Question Period.
The pages for the 2005 Fall Session and the 2006 Spring Session are:

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