American Goldfinch

Carduelis trisis
American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch (summer plummage)


Male: Summer: Bright Yellow overall with black forehead and yellow bill; wings are black with white bands; tail is black with white edges; rump is white; feet and legs are red. Winter: Similar yellow is replaced by gray with hints of yellow. Stand approximately 5-5 1/2" or 13-14 cm tall.

Female: is similar to the male, except is overall olive brown with yellow highlights, year round. Stands approximately 5-5 1/2" or 13-14 cm tall.

Voice: Sing as they fly with a succesion of chips and twitters, per chic o ree per chic o ree.

Food: A variety of insects but mostly interested in thistle, weeds and seeds.

Nest/Eggs: Neat cup built with fibres woven together, lined with thistle and feather down, in deciduous (leafy) shrubs or small trees in upright branches, 1-5 metres above ground. 4-6 eggs.